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My appologies, I don't usually write as if I am being graded on it, but i do understand where your coming from there. Ill do my best to try and keep it legit for you.

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Also, i understand that my second question may be out of the scope of this site. I just hope that someone will be able to help me out as I have spent countless hours researching to no avail.

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I consider language history of Italy, so in a way they are all connected. Lsp said it all; I do not have anything to add. If anyone wants to help with pictures, please send a PM. Jana P. Welcome, DrEwTiMe. I was just wondering how I would translate this into Italian: I will either find a way or make one. Hi kevinstrel and welcome to the forum, We don't require that you provide a translation attempt, but we do strongly encourage it, even if you think you missed the mark by a mile.

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It helps native speakers understand what you're getting at. Besides, your Italian version could be right.

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If you're drawing a complete blank, perhaps you could explain what the expression means. And he had to cross them with massive armies and their supplies, and on top of that he intended on bringing his horses and even war elephants.

I'll Either Find A Way Or Make One - Latin Quote/Phrase/Saying Wooden Hanging Sign

When advised that he could not do that he counseled his generals:. The result of his persistence: He was the only invading force to shake the Roman Empire at its core.

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His invasion did the impossible. And history now treats Hannibal as one of the greatest strategists that has ever lived. If your adversary is a well resourced and organized one they will never give up.

Hannibal: I will either find a way or make one

They will keep attacking till you are surprised. Another big lesson: Prepare for that surprise. Have a plan to observe and counter attack. And by all means, make sure you are just as persistent as Hannibal was. And, keep yourself educated and aware! Clarke, pp. Categories : Latin words and phrases Latin mottos.

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