A Message to Garcia: A Little Guide to Improving Your Success

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They were collected in a book that was written up in Wired. But at the end of the day, what impact did it really have? Did the posters influence someone to ride their bike rather than drive their car? It was aspirational. I like to think, yes, it did make a difference. It was relevant and important. But as a designer, I struggle with that question. Design is problem-solving: finding ways to communicate a message. At LENZ we do mostly healthcare marketing.

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Back to playing with their kids, or taking their dogs to the park, or riding their bikes. Hubbard tells an [apocryphal] story from just before the Spanish-American War. President McKinley wanted to get a message to General Garcia, the head of the Cuban liberation movement.

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He wanted to tell Garcia that we were going to send in American troops and help him. But Garcia was in the middle of a war, deep in the jungle, with no satellites to locate him. He took the letter and got behind enemy lines. He asked around, found Garcia, and delivered the letter. Take on the responsibility of getting it done. In my younger days, I questioned everything. Can you figure it out? Team Lenz is full of leading experts in healthcare marketing. As someone with a background in social media and marketing, I was interested in learning what local marketing agencies did to stay informed on the latest updates in social media trends.

As the leading healthcare marketer in the Atlanta area, Lenz immediately caught my attention. I loved interacting with their informative content and admired how their company culture presented itself in all their posts. Sometime later, I noticed that Lenz posted a job opening on LinkedIn. It was the perfect opportunity, as at that time I wanted to make a career change.

When the Lenz team reached out on Facebook to provide information on the job opening after noticing my engagement with their page, it further encouraged me to make the leap and apply. During my interview process, it was inspiring to hear him discuss the level of care Lenz provides for all their clients and employees. I wanted to be a part of a company that gave such high-quality attention to such important causes. One of the things that makes Lenz stand apart from other agencies is that all employees are required to pass a HIPAA certification course. As an agency that works with so many healthcare clients, being HIPAA compliant is proof that Lenz goes above and beyond for their clients.

After feeling warmly welcomed by my new co-workers, I got to focus my attention on using my past work experience to improve the content for my clients. Lenz encourages collaboration, and this has spearheaded the incredible growth I have already witnessed my first month here.

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  • From discussing the necessary steps needed to create a social graphic and exploring new social management platforms, I have already acquired new skills that have made a huge difference in the quality of work I produce. This first month is just the beginning, and I am thrilled to see how else I will grow while at Lenz. The Georgia Social Impact Collaborative GSIC was formed by a group of community leaders committed to developing a stronger ecosystem around impact investing in Georgia, and Lenz had the pleasure of designing and launching their website. Interested in learning more about how Lenz could help elevate your brand and business?

    A Message to Garcia

    Contact us here or give us a call today at Before joining Lenz, John attended Oglethorpe University, where he was a starting pitcher on the baseball team. He joined LENZ in But I liked the way he told it. He was very successful and had done a lot of good for the Georgia environment. A man at the top of his field. That has always stuck with me. To get somewhere, yeah, you need your own initiative. They might have more experience than everybody else, but they surround themselves with smart people.

    They ask for feedback and listen to it for a diversity of thought before they make a call. Giving too much weight to my own experience and not enough to others. I think it would have to be our impact on the people who have worked here and who work here now, and their families. LENZ is a place where people can really grow in their careers and not have a ceiling. We give people that flexibility. A lot of people in our field fall in love with tools, with data and other statistics before considering the first thing that should be checked off the list: creativity.

    They start thinking you need a Facebook campaign, you need a Snapchat whatever. They think you need a billboard, a TV campaign. All the kids are above average? No, there is a bell curve of what everybody produces. But you always have to strive for that appropriate creative idea before you start talking about anything tactical. Make sure you surround yourself with the best people, and make sure they have the freedom to blossom into whatever it is they should blossom into.

    Help them in the best ways you can. Help them get to wherever they want to go. All Exterminating is a family owned and operated termite and pest control company in Cumming. He has worked for LENZ since My father is a great leader. He carries himself with humility and without a lot of pomp and circumstance. You can be very effective as a leader without all the bravado, without seeking attention.

    People are smart. They learn a lot from watching what their leaders do. They admit when they make mistakes. They bounce back from failure. We work the hardest for the clients that we care about. We believe in them and in their mission. We believe in the work they do and their character. You can get a lot of great performance without bossing people around.

    I do think that you spend so much time at work, so much time with the people you work with, you might as well enjoy it. You might as well find it fulfilling. They listen to people and care what they have to say. They try to act on their wants, spoken or unspoken. I have learned that, at times, I need to be more hands on. We have a great team at LENZ. We trust them with everything. We let people be themselves and do what they need to do.

    I try to live by the rule of staying out of the way and letting great people do their jobs. I believe in marketing. I think marketing is powerful. I think marketing is very often the missing ingredient. Good marketing can sell anything. I think what really matters is product design. The product is the thing. Our role is to help tell the story, but success depends on the product.

    I was at the Rolling Stones exhibit in Nashville recently. My job is to turn a knob or help them decide the song order. In marketing, you need to have some humility to do your job well. Ask them what they need to do their job as well as they can, and then give it to them.

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    It was , the year of Big Brother, and the thought police might be compelling conformity with IBM computers: dulling our imagination, assimilating us all into automata. An athletic woman in bright red shorts and a white tank top, carrying a sledgehammer, runs between rows of seated compliants who are staring up at a giant screen where a man speaks of information purification.

    She spins three times and hurls the hammer. The screen explodes. A voiceover announces that, in two days, Apple will release the Macintosh. He promises that will not be like The ad, which was directed by Ridley Scott, was all over the news the next day, and Apple had, to say the least, a very successful product launch.

    The Super Bowl spot was the one and only airing of the commercial to a national audience. One was all it needed. Or three. Or, as claimed in by Thomas Smith in Successful Advertising [2] , twenty. But whatever the number, the underlying idea is the same. Our brains are PCs running rigid procedural languages.

    If we enter the data, call the subroutine, and complete the required loops, then the action we want will be triggered. Over the decades, many billions of advertising dollars have been budgeted based upon this belief. Perhaps that entire paradigm needs a sledgehammer through its screen.

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    Memory, impressions, motivation to action: surely these arise from more than math. In the real world, we remember best that which resonates with our heart and understanding.

    TMHS 308: Transforming Your Body, Mind, & The Health Coaching Industry – With Cynthia Garcia

    That time in third grade when Kristi S. The birth of my three children. No repetition is needed for the moments that truly move us or the memories that can change us forever. What is the worth of a great designer? A great writer? A talented actor? How many banner ad impressions can one gifted photographer replace? College courses, museums, centers for performing arts: these still elevate in our culture the importance of creativity, talent, and art.

    What digital data can do today is truly remarkable. We know so much more about our audiences. We can customize our messages and target delivery with a precision unimaginable even a decade ago. We can follow audiences wherever they may go, placing optimized impressions on every screen they may encounter. So why do we bother to look for the creative spark, the light that resonates with a human heart?

    Why do we value human creators who know the mysteries of shaping fire into art? Across the human experience, there are many reasons. But in the realm of marketing, we do the hard work of creating because it helps us bend the curve of needed impressions. Multiple studies reported on in the Harvard Business Review found that ad campaigns with originality and high artistic merit delivered double the impact on sales. Or we can tell a moving story: a sacred passage, a new life entered in distress and then saved, two become three become one. When a message is truly compelling, when it grips the imagination and quickens the heart, when it opens the poetic places within us… then we get more for so much less.

    They may even come to us, asking us, please, tell me that story again. This is the value of creativity, of talent, of unique physiques and voices, of ineffable humanity. When we create a message that moves people, the math matters less and the meaning matters more. But if that first impression inspires enough hearts to sing, one may be all you ever need. Association of National Advertisers. Academic OneFile, Accessed 30 Mar.

    a message to garcia a little guide to improving your success Manual

    Lenz proudly sponsored the Top Doctors Reception, presented by Atlanta magazine. Lenz had an on-site presence at the reception, and had a great time celebrating the doctors being honored, including many of our clients. Each year, Lenz has served as the presenting sponsor and marketing agency for the event. Lenz serves as the Chair of the Amplify Advisory Board. And the entire Lenz team contributed to the marketing and production of the event. Atlanta-based folk duo Dwayne Shivers also performed.

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