Baptism and Gifts of the Holy Spirit

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The disciples at Pentecost also knew. They had probably already imagined beforehand what the experience of being baptized with the Holy Spirit would be like.

Baptism with the Holy Spirit

And you, dear reader, who have not yet been baptized with the Spirit, but have a real longing for it, are probably also wondering what it is like. The experience can be expressed in many ways. But many people who have been baptized with the Spirit will be able to relate to what I write here:. Your life is changed at one stroke. The disciples were so filled with joy that the people thought they were drunk with new wine.

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This gift often comes later, and many only receive it after a revival has broken out, and yet others receive completely different gifts. If you feel that your life is dry and heavy, pray for the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Because you really need it if you have a strong desire to overcome envy, anger etc.

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It is written in the Scriptures that the Spirit is given to those who obey Him. We repent from our former sins, cast off our old life — a life which enjoyed living in the passing pleasures of sin — No, read in the Bible, even if it seems dry, and resist the lust to become angry and irritated, for example. One day you will be baptized with the Holy Spirit! You, who were bound by fear of man, become bold, just as Peter was on the day of Pentecost.

A brand new day dawns. Because you have been baptized with the Spirit. Read more in the article: Why do I need the Holy Spirit?


But it is not the intention that we stop completely at that great experience of being baptized with the Holy Spirit, and never move on. Jesus wanted to baptize us with both the Holy Spirit and fire. It is the suffering that follows when we do the good. Just as when the disciples were instructed to make disciples of all nations.

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They were not permitted to remain seated quietly with memories of what they had experienced on the day of Pentecost. No, off to the many tasks that awaited! And even though we have been baptized with the Holy Spirit, we constantly need a new fullness. Even though you have been filled with the Holy Spirit, you can easily be caught up by the world we live in and can lose something of the fullness of the Holy Spirit. Are you interested in reading more about the Holy Spirit?

Used by permission. All rights reserved. However, he goes on to describe in-depth that the grace that is in Christ Jesus means so much more than forgiveness. It also means truth and help. He distributes His gifts charismata x 17 times according to the mind of God - 1 Corinthians , 7, The Variety of the Gifts. The gifts of the Holy Spirit were common in the early Christian church and remain valid today.

There re is no standard order in which the Bible lists or characterizes the gifts. Can be grouped and classified as:. Gifts of Revelation:. Gifts of power. Gifts of utterance. In the Bible referred to:.

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  6. Different from human wisdom, learning. Supernatural awareness and utterance of facts, not the normal possession of the user, eg:. Impartation of faith by the Holy Spirit for special circumstances.

    The Baptism and Gifts of the Holy Spirit - eBook

    For example, faith given by the Holy Spirit for protection in times of danger, or for divine provision. Paul exhibited this gift on a number of occasions probably in conjunction with other gifts , eg. Used for attracting people to the Gospel, eg. Distinct from gifts of healings.


    May be involved in connection with the conflict between God and Satan, eg casting out demons. To demonstrate the power of God, the reality of the Gospel, the pre-eminence of Christ, eg Acts , 12; The Bible encourages all to seek the gift of prophecy. There is variety in the expression of the gift, in connection with edification, exhortation and comfort — 1 Corinthians Also for teaching — 1 Corinthians It is a vehicle the Holy Spirit uses to speak to Christians and to bring people to Christ — 1 Corinthians Prophecy must be tested 1 Corinthians but not despised 1 Thessalonians Again, note plural.

    We are surrounded by angels, evil spirits, etc. Examples of this gift in the New Testament include:. Jesus cast our demons through the ministry of the Holy Spirit — Matthew Some words may be uttered to God alone — 1 Corinthians ; some may be for the church at large - 1 Corinthians Not all who speak in tongues are exercising the gift of tongues for the church. Renders understandable utterances in other tongues. Two meanings: to give a translation; to explain meaning and application.

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    Tongues and interpretation are somewhat equal to prophecy - 1 Corinthians admin