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Report any sightings of invasive cacti to the Pest and Disease Information Service on , download the MyWeedWatcher app , or make an online report. Habit: low spreading shrub to 0. Branches prostrate to somewhat erect. Pads or segments: dark green to dark purple.

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Flattened, sometimes rounded, centimetres long. Easily detached. No tubercles. Pads or segments: glossy green, sometimes with a purple tinge, especially around areoles and margins. Whitish yellow. Dark brown. Habit: low shrub to 1. Forms dense clumps. Can be confused with O. Pads or segments: green. Flattened, round to egg shaped, centimetres long.

Pads or segments: dull blue-green. Flattened, egg to oblong shape, centimetres long. Pads or segments: green to pale green and velvety. Round to oblong shaped, centimetres long. Distinctive clusters of yellow glochids. Some cultivated forms have white or reddish glochids. Plant has an obvious drooping appearance.

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Pads or segments: glossy green. Oblong to egg shaped, thin profile, centimetres long. Pads or segments: blue green. Circular shape, thick profile, to 40 centimetres wide. Deep red. Numerous fertile seeds. White to pale brown or yellow. A large, robust 'prickly pear' type of cactus, ideally suited to much of southern WA, birds spread the seeds. Dangerous to livestock. Purplish red.

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Spines: in variety stricta spines usually absent, occasionally one on pad. In variety dillenii up to 11 spines,1. Often with a trunk. Segments and fruits covered in fine hairs, giving a velvety tomentose appearance. Habit: erect shrub up to 0. Deciduous leaves. Pads or segments: green-grey green. Often distorted, with a corrugated tuberculate surface, centimetres long, two to 4.

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Often numerous, easily detached small segments. Fruit: inverse cone or oval shaped. Forms long chains. Usually sterile.

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Cream to brown colour variable. White to tan sheath. Cook, D. Agricultural Resource Risk Management. Strategic Report.

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July South West Agricultural Region. Habit: branched shrub or small tree one to three metres tall. Often with short trunks. Pads or segments: dull grey-green. Large, widely spaced tubercles give a woven, rope like appearance. Greenish-yellow when ripe can form chains. Trunks often covered in spines. Off white-cream.

Cactus Land

Off white-cream sheath attached. Habit: straggly shrub to 0. Large plants form a trunk. Pads or segments: light grey-green. White to brown. Tan sheath firmly attached. Very slender, two to eight centimetres long, 0. Pads or segments: greenish grey. Prominent tubercles. Fruit: top shaped, two to five centimetres long. I experiment with the tonal range and with the decontextualization of objects. By summing symbols from the initial symbols, I superimpose the images, give them other readings, and abstract them from their context.

This is a recurring plastic exercise, where I materialize the latent worlds in each of the chosen subjects. My influences One of the major influences in my work has been Man Ray, the surrealist photographer who experimented with double image readings, solarizations and Rayographs, and created images in the dark room.

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An important influence in the eighties was Enrique Bostemann; His poetic gaze that captured everyday objects, the conceptual development of his work and the use of pigmented details in his black and white photographs have been valuable lessons. He reviewed several of my photographic essays and provided me with the tools to sharpen my perception. Two workshops were also significant for me: one with Eikoh Hosoe and another with Duane Michals. Their manner of creating scenography, their deep inventiveness in taking photographs, their philosophies; the surreal and fantastic portraits and nudes have had an important impact on my work.

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