Birth Mandala : The Power Of Visioning For Childbirth

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The way childbirth is perceived influences labor and birth.

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Subconscious beliefs, formed from what you've seen, heard or experienced, can either sabotage or affirm your conscious intentions. Learn how to effortlessly re-write limiting beliefs with ones that assist you during childbirth. Your birth mandala embodies your new beliefs and vision for labor and birth with symbols, images, designs and words. You will find women's mandalas, journals and their after-birth reflections. From Shannon's healing of past sexual abuse, Amy's strength and courage, to Stacy's power of intention, the themes and revelations are as unique as their mandalas.

How a Person Enters into the Mother’s Womb

Creating a birth mandala is an invaluable gift you give yourself for childbirth. Rating details. Book ratings by Goodreads. Hospital technology and medication took control of my labor and birth. My first baby was literally delivered by my doctor by suction and forceps.

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When I became pregnant with my second child, I found a midwife who attended births at home. One of the most memorable things she said to me was prepare as if you were having the baby alone in the wilderness. I gathered everything I had learned to prepare for a natural childbirth at home. My second and third babies were birthed without intervention or interference. I labored walking in the woods. The trees were my midwives and my intuition was my guide.

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I was ecstatic to experience my strength as a woman in this way. I wanted every pregnant woman to know that they could claim their power giving birth. As a professional, it was exciting for me to be involved in the birthing community. I was acutely aware of the need for women to be as prepared as possible, wherever they chose to have their baby.

Birth Mandala

What else can I do to help women prepare for childbirth? I thought. I began to offer support groups for pregnant women with my friend Constance Miles, a licensed midwife. During a meditation, the idea to have the women in the pregnancy support groups create a mandala for birth presented itself. I was introduced to mandalas as an art form during several pilgrimages to a Huichol Indian Village in the Sierra Madres of Mexico, and many years of participating in yoga ceremonies that have included the use of yantras, a form of sacred mandalas.

Making my own mandalas and vision boards have been significant in my life. The psychological implications were huge. The process of making a birth mandala revealed itself to have a deeper significance than I imagined. The positive feedback I was hearing from the women while they made their mandalas, and the feedback of how it affected their labor and births provoked me to want to share the birth mandala information with more women than the small workshops I was offering. As a psychotherapist, my work with the subconscious began to enhance the development of the mandala.

The therapeutic use of Hypnotherapy, E. However, fears and beliefs about childbirth can obscure their most precious wisdom.

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Over the past three decades I have observed how essential it is that the information stored in the subconscious match the conscious goals of the individual. Hence, I have included exercises to assist the reader to both identify and re-script limiting beliefs about childbirth. Since art is simply another way to tap the subconscious, preferred beliefs can easily be internalized through this creative process.

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