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Father gave us our choice of the blue Mustang or the red Corvette.

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I chose the former and Charlie chose the latter. Modern later came, well, later. It also comes from OE laet. Ladder , as a noun, usually means a portable device with rungs or steps that enables one to climb up or down. The word ladder can also refer to a tear or a breach in fabric that resembles a ladder, having straight sides and crosspieces:.

Once the critical bond at the crack tip has broken, the peak stress concentration is transferred to the next bond, and so on, like a ladder in a silk stocking.

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He sits, unhappy and proud, on the ladder of social promotion having lost the hold on one type of life, but failing to reach the one to which he aspires. Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! May God have mercy on us all! It seems to be common for phrases such as this to appear on the internet — people have heard, or even used, the phrases in speech but never seen it written down.

Earlier articles and discussions on this very site bear testament to that. At least they asked, rather than just jumping in with both feet and using it with wild abandon.

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Also, I am with Jon in hoping that the answer to the Yahoo Answers question was a joke. Did they think it was a joke, or did they actually believe the answer?

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At the top of the Ladder, the little bird symbolizes independence and indicates that skilled reading has been achieved. At this point, with basic skills mastered, the students fly away and comprehend on their own.

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Finally, The Ladder of Reading chart is color-coded from red risk area that demands a Structured Literacy approach to green safety area that is advantaged by a Structured Literacy approach. For a gallery of other IDA and third-party infographics, please visit our Infographics page.

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