Lanalyse littéraire : Notions et repères (Lettres) (French Edition)

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Review: Pierre Brocheux and Daniel Hémery, “Indochina: An Ambiguous Colonization, 1858-1954”

The core of this book is not exactly a new. The French edition itself had already had a long genesis, with the original manuscript completed by , but delayed for editorial reasons until Thus, the authors have had the time to eliminate many of the faults of its French-language predecessor such as the incomplete replication of citations in the bibliography , to incorporate to an important degree the ample English- and French-language scholarship on Indochina that bloomed between and including that of the author of this review , and to refine the overall presentation.

Few local language sources informed the French-language editions and that remains the same for this version as well, but the volume is comprehensive otherwise. The authors explore quickly the initial motivations for Napoleon III to authorize an attack on the pre-colonial, independent, imperial Vietnam in , the conquest of what is now southern Vietnam, and the resistance to the French that accompanied its colonization. Thereafter, they illustrate in much greater detail the politics of the government of France and the court of Vietnam in, respectively maintaining or resisting colonialism, illustrating that certainly not all French wanted a colonial empire and that not all Vietnamese rejected the presence of the French.

They also spend some time explaining why the Cambodian court would ally itself with France and subject the Cambodians to colonial occupation. The remainder of the text addresses the hardening of colonialism and French control over these areas, with a strong focus on Vietnam, and the resistance to a hardening position that the opportunities provided by colonialism created. The modern state and commercial apparatus that the French imposed needed local collaborators who knew French and modern methods of accounting, engineering, and so on.

This need, combined with an enduring official sponsorship of a colonial civilizing mission, created Vietnamese and to a much lesser extent Cambodians, Laos, and highlanders, well versed in modern Western thought.

They also show how, by the s, Indochinaincreasingly became the stage for a global Realpolitik that had little to do with local people and more to do with life-and-death struggles between larger actors. Indochina: An Ambiguous Colonization provides an impressive amount of detail in pages. A long series of introductory features foreword, preface, and introduction precedes eight substantial chapters, and there is a substantive conclusion and supplementary materials as well.

L'Analyse littéraire : Notions et Repères

Each of the eight chapters of Indochina: An Ambiguous Colonization addressesa particular theme conquest, economics, culture in a chronological fashion for greater or lesser periods of time between and Ten maps and thirteen charts within the main text, as well as thirty-seven tables distributed within the text and in appendices, aggregate and appropriately illustrate the exchanges, regional movements, and volumes of trade that the authors analyze in thorough detail throughout the book.

It is important to remember that this text is an overview of the whole history of the colonization of Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos and that in so doing it must tackle simultaneously the dynamics of French, Vietnamese, Cambodian, and Laotian societies, the motivations for and consequences of the encounters between those societies facilitated by colonialism, and transformations in each society as a result of this colonial occupation.

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