La guerre des gommes (Camille et cie) (French Edition)

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Black Letter, double columns, with numerous woodcuts and -printer' s devices. Lyons, Jacques Mareschal, The next two cuts are very remarkable and are fuLl-page; one representing a femalie Saint in a boat, with St. Peter at the helm; the other representing three mythical personages, one prob- ably Hercules holding a shield, bearing the lion rampant, with axe in his paws , another perhaps Juno; the central figure, half woman half serpent, probably repre- senting Melusine in allusion to the origin of the family of Rohan.

On the verso of the second cut is one of La France, enthroned with her feet on Maleur and embrac- ing le Populaire, and Noblesse, in the persons of children, the two latter playing musical instruments. There are numerous other interesting woodcut illustrations. Black Letter, double columns, numerous woodcuts, title within wood- cut border. Paris, Frangois Regitault, King Louis XII. When he attacked Venice the poets in his pay had to compose ballads for the purpose of exciting public opinion, such as " The Lamentation of Venice," " The Complaint of Venice," and even Italian pamphlets.

In the same way when in Pope Julius II. This time he was in all the greater need of propaganda, as the Pope had it in his power to influence the King's own subjects. Louis XII. The author was historiographer to the Queen, and in view of Anne of Brittany's great attachment to the Pope, great weight was to be attached to his works. This was the origin of the above treatise. Jean Le Maire, to excite the interest of the reader, added several small tracts on the Shah of Persia, or Sophy, on the pilgrimage to Palestine, and finally a short poem entitled " Le Blazon des Veniciens.

Historiale Description de I'Afrlque, Tierce partie du monde. With woodcut. Antwer-p, Plantin, Philosofihie d'Amour de M. Leon Hebreu traduicte d' Italian! With woodcut border on title, text ruled ijt red. Lyons, He accompanied his father, Isaac Abravanel, wlien the latter went to Spain and afterwards to Naples, and became physician in ordinary to the Spanish Captain-General Gonsalvo de Cordova.. Thence he went to Genoa, and later to Venice, where he finally settled. His most important work, " The Dialogues of Love, written about , was published in Eome in The lofty platonic spirit with which it is endued made it very popular.

In the space of 20 years it went throug! Discours sur les Medalles et Graveures antiques, prin- cipalement Romaines. Patisson, au logis de Robert Estienne, Only Copy Known. Italic letter, with dainty woodcut on title and 5 other dainty wood- cuts. Paris, Nicolas Buffet, A remarkable early French poem on table manners in rhyming verse, written for the use of students at the University of Paris. It commences : — " Nons enseignons par sens notable Les Meurs qu'il fault garder a table Si qu'a vertu tu estudies, Apres cela a ton Regent et Maistre Tu doibs honneur, le recognoistre comme pere et ses dictz entendre de bon couraige sans contendre.

It continues Retiens bien mon enseignement Sort ton vestement sans ordure Face lavee, la main pure, Et garde qu' a ton nez ne pende Quelque goutte, je te comma nde Ne laivsse tes ong. Je tadmonneste s'il advient que frotes ta teste, de tuer, les pucee n'attente n'a gratter ta taigne nuysante. Publiez a Rouen, Thick i2mo, original calf gilt. Histoire die la Navigation aux Indes Oiien- tales. Contenant diverses descriptions des lieux jusques a present descou verts par les Portugais. Pars 2. Avec description des Costes, Havres, Isles, Vents, et courants d'eaux, etc.

Pars 3. Item de Testendue et distance des lieux, de la fertilite et abondance du pays, religion et coustumes des habitans, et autres Particularitez. With engraved title, portrait, and numerous folding mafs, flans, and other plates. Thick folio, original calf, rebacked. Amsterdajn, Lettres batardes, double columns of 43 lines with printer's device of Guillaume Eustace on title-page, and 86 Lyonnese spirited woodcuts. Title in facsimile. Small folio, red morocco, stain fed in blind y inside dentelles by Hardy. Firmin-Didot copy. Claudin dates this edition , but the compiler of the Fairfax Murray Catalogue believes that it was really printed about The first page of text has a large woodcut in two compartments.

The cutting of the woodcuts shows a nascent Frendh style disengaging itself from German conventions. The draughtsman showed a great ambition to surpass the technique of his predecessor. It is indeed no single achievement, but two very remarkable poems, written at two different periods, by two autihors whose characters and gifts were not only alien, but opposed — two poems which reflect two different conditions of society.

Of its twenty-two thousand octo-syllabic lines, upwards of four thousand are the work of Guillaume de Lorris; the remainder is the work of a later writer, Jean de Meun. Its subject is an allegorised tale of love, his own or imagined, transferred to the realm of dreams. The writer would fain win the lieart of his beloved, and at the same time he would instruct all amorous spirits in the art of love.

He is twenty years of age, in the Maymorn of youth. He has beheld his beautiful lady, and been charmed by her fairness, iher grace, her courtesy; she lias received him with gentleness, but when he declares his love she grows alarmed. He gains at last the kiss which tells of her afiection; but her parents intervening, throw obstacles between the lovers. Such, divested of ornament, allegory, and personification, is the theme of the poem.

Surrounded by a thorny hedge is the rosebud on which all his desire now centres. Hs is wounded by the arrows of Love, does 'homage to the god, and learns his commandments and the evils and the gains of love. Invited by Bel-Accueil, the son of Courtoisie, to approach the rose, he is driven back by Danger and his companions, the guardians of the blossom. Reason descends from a tower and discourses against the service of Love; Ami offers his consolations; at length fhe lover is again admitted to the flowery precinct, finds his ros?

But jealousy raises an unscalable wall around the rose; the serviceable Bel-Accueil is imprisoned, and with a long lament of the lover, the poem closes. We may conjecture that it wanted little to reach some denouement —perhaps the fulfilment of the lover's Tiopes; and it is not impossible that a lost fragment actually brought the love-tale to its issue. Lorris G. Nevertheless the work oi this Middle-Age disciple of Ovid' and of Chretien de Troyes owes more than half its celebrity to the continuation, conceived in an entirely opposite spirit, by his successor, Jean de Meun. The contrast is striking; Guillaume de Lorris was a refined and graceful exponent of the conventional doctrine of love, a seemly celebrant in the cult of woman, an ingenious decorator of accepted ideas; Jean de Meun was a passionate and positive spirit, an ardent speculator in social, political, and scientific questions, one who cared nothing for amorous subtleties, and held woman in scorn.

Guillaume addressed an aristocratic audience, imbued with the eentiments of chivalry; Jean was a bourgeois, eager to instruct, to arouse, to inflame 'his fellows in a multitude of matters which concerned the welfare of their lives. He was little concerned for the lover and his rose, but was deeply interested in the condition of society, the corruptions of religion, the advance of knowledge.

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The rose is plucked by the lover in the end; but lover and rose are almost forgotten in Jean's zeal in setting forth his views of life, and in forming an encyclopaedia of the knowledge of his time. Reason discourses on the dangers of passion, commends friendship or universal philanthropy as wiser than love, warns against the instability of fortune and the deceits of riches, and sets charity high above justice; if love be commendable, it is as the device of nature for the continuation of the species. The way to win woman and to keep her loyalty is now the unhappy way of squandered largess; formerly it was not so in the golden age of equality, before private property was known, when all men held in common the goods of the eartli, and robber kings were evils of the future.

The old beldame, who watches over the captive, is corrupted by promises and gifts, and frankly exposes her own iniquities and those of her sex. War is waged against tlie guardians of the rose, Venus, sworn enemy of chastity, aiding the assailants.

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Nature, devoted to the continuance of the race, mourns over the violation of her laws by man, unburdens herself of all her scientific lore in a confession to her chaplain Genius, and sends him forth to encourage the lover's party with a bold discourse against the crime of virginity. Lettres batardes, double columns, 41 lines to a full page, title in red and black, gothic letter, above large woodcut of a lady and gentleman sitting in a flower-garden.

This woodcut is repeated on back of title. Janot's uncommon printer's device on last leaf. With several small woodcuts of a scribe sitting at his desk. Janot, about Avec I'edict et mandement de la Majeste Imperiale. Small 4to, old half calf. Louvain, Includimr, in general, all the works of Erasmus, all works of John Wycliffe, of John Hus, of Martin Luther, various translations of the Bible, and well-known medical, geographical, scientific works, etc.

At the end is a short list of books suitable for reading to children in private schools. La desoriptiom geographiquie des provinces et viHes plus fameuses de I'lndte' Orienita;le, Meurs, loix, et coustumes des habitans d'icelles, mesmement de ce qui est soubz la domination du grand Cham, Empereur des Tartares.

En vulgaire frangois par F. Red ruled throughout, printer's device on title-page and last leaf. Ornamental woodcut initials. Italic letter, numerous woodcuts. Her poems, ' Marguerites de la Marguerite des Princesses ' , show the mediseval influences forming a junction with those of the Renaissance. Some are religious, but side by side with her four dramatic Mysteries and her eloquent ' Triomphe de I'Agneau ' appears the ' Histoire des Satyres et Nymphes de Diane.

Aresta Amorum Lll, accu- ratissimis Benedict! Gryphius, Brunei says of it : " Les Arrets d'amour sous des questions de droit et de procedure, accoraodees a la matiere des amours; ce n'etait qu'un cadre imagine pour consigner les formes de la procedure et les principes au droit, et pour les mettre a la portee des gens du monde, en les appliquant a des especes fictives et galantes. The cases are given in French, the commentary in Latin.

Extraordinary collection of edicts " modelled on the form of the Courts of Love of the 12th — 14th centuries, which were obsolete by the 15th, in spite of efforts to revive them. The author was born about at Paris and died in The following are headings of some decrees there are 52 in all. Paris, Charles An gelier, LNI Arrests d'Amours. Aresta Amorum accuratissimi Benedicti Lurtii bymphoriani commentarns.

Le tout diligemment reveu. Title within woodcut border. Rouen, Thomas Mallard, Plate XI. A woodcut from Le Chappellet des Vertus et des Vices. Lyons, Maresohal and Chaussard, Plate XII. A woodcut from Alain Chartier. Les Faitz. Paris, Pierre Le Caron Le Plaisant Jeu du Dodechedroti de Fortune, non moins recreatif , que subtil et ingenieux. Renouvelle et change de sa pre- miere edition. Small 8vo, old French calf, gilt, with the Arms of " Due de la V alii ere ' i?

Paris, Nicolas Bonsons, Small 8vo, old vellum. Paris, Ch. Chafpellain, Lettres batardes, double columns, with woodcut initial letters. Paris, Jehan Petit and Michel le Noir, This is the third edition the first 16th century edition of Monstrelet and the first to contain the con- tinuation and additional matter mentioned above. La Cosmographie Universelle. Illustrated with 14 double woodcut maps, double woodcut views of cities, and some hundreds of other woodcut views, figures, etc. Thick folio, original calf. Basle, Henry Pierre, Des Canibales mangeurs de chairs humaines.

Comment les Portugalois. Comment le due Magellan-v La troisiesme navigation de Christopher Columbus. Comment Pierre Alouse oercha des isles neuvues. Comment Pinson compaignon de Fadmiral Colon, cercha aussi des isles neuvues. Des quatre navigations d'Americ Vespuce aux isles nuevues. This section, dealing with the New World, is illustrated with 12 curious cuts. A Fine Copy, but lacking the title-page. Together with the second part entitled: " Description du Pays et Duche de Normendie, Extrait de la Cronique de Normendie, non encores imprimee, faicte par feu maistre Jean Nagerel.

Traduite de ritalien en Frangois par un Pere de la mesme Compagnie. With 7tumerous full-page plates. Contemporary white vellum, with the Arms of the Ville de Paris gilt on sides. Avec annotations prinses des dccrctz, Concilles, et Canons tant vieux que modemes, pour la verifi- cation de la discipline anciennement observee en I'Eglise. With woodcut on title. Paris, Michel de Vascosan, Traduit par Jacques Amyot. His scholarship was exquisite; but still more admirable was his sense of the capacities of French prose.

He divined with a rare instinct the genius of the language, he felt the affinities between tihe Greek original and idioms of his own countrymen; he rather re-created than trans- lated Plutarch. The book was a school of manners and of thought, an inspirer of heroic deeds.

Par Jacques Amyot. Fine copy beautifully bound in French red morocco with elaborate borders on sides, fully gilt panel back, inside dentelles, g. Oeuvre pour la tierce fois augmente. Paris, H. Smith, with his ticket, g. Paris, '' Antoine Verard II. Contenant cinq livres de la vie, faicts, et dits heroiques de Gargantua, et de son fils Pantagruel. Plus la pro- nostication Pantagrueline, avec 1' oracle de la dive Bachuc et le mot de la bouteille. Antwerp, It is thus that he should etill be regarded.

Below his laughter lay wisdom; below his orgy of grossness lay a noble ideality; below the extravagance of his imagination lay the equilibrium of a sij-rrit sane and strong. The life that was in him was so abounding and exultant that it broke all dikes and dams; and laughter for him needed no justification, it was a part of this abounding life. After the mediaeval asceticism and the intellectual bondage of scholasticism, life in Rabelais has its vast outbreak and explosion; he would be no fragment of humanity, but a complete man.

He would enjoy the world to the full, and yet at the same time there is something of stoicism in his philosophy of life; while gaily accepting the good things of the earth, he would hold himself detached from the gifts of fortune, and possess his soul in a strenuous sanity. Let us return— such is his teaching— to nature, honouring the body, but giving higher honour to the intellect and to the moral feeling; let us take life seriously, and therefore gaily ; let us face death cheerfully, knowing that we do not wholly die; with light in the understanding and love in the heart, we can confront all dangers and defy all doubts.

La Magdeleine. With engraved frontispiece. A singular poem, of which copies are scarce. In style Remi de Beauvais resembles more the " mysteres " of the end of the XVth century, but he is a poet of great feeling. Paris, 2. With a portrait of both Louis Xlll and Anne of Austria, and numerous finely engraved full-page plates. La Victoire du Roy, ootitre les Veniciens. Lettres batardes, 32 long lines to a full page. The title is in xylo graphic letters above a large woodcut of two angels supporting the Royal Arms', with below a small cut of two griffins support- ing SeysseVs Arms. On verso of title is a large cut of a scribe within woodcut border.

On B 4, recto is a very remarkable full-page woodcut of the Battle of Agnadel, shewing the rout of the Venetians. Paris, pour Ant oine Verard, 15 It bears on the first and last leaf the stamp in red " Biblio- thecae Regiae. Ancelin, Lettres Patetlites dll Roy, confirmatives des Precedentes, pourtant deffences a tous ses subjects de porter clinquans, etc. Publiees au Parle- ment de Provence 5 Mars 4 Ediot du Roy portant Deffences a tous ses sujets du porter aucunes die- ooupures, broileries d'or ou d'argent, etc. Esiienne David, Five Exceedingly Rare Tracts, unbound, uncut, 8vo.

Discours sur I'impuissance de I'homme et de la fenune. Auquel est declare que c'est qu'impuissance empeschant et separant le mariage. Comment elle se cognoist. An unusual and curious work dealing with the trials for annulation of marriages on account of impotence. Mis en Francois par Gabriel Chappuys, T'ourangeau.

Paris, P. Brachonier, Paris, Philippes Brachonier, Sur la dcmattofi de Constantin Empereur. Lettres batardes, 27 long lines to a full page, woodcut initials. It purports to be addressed by the Emperor to Pope Sylvester and all his successors; Constantine recounts his conversion and the cure of his leprosy by baptism. As the Pope was to take the place of the Emperor, so were the priests of the Church to take the place of the ancient civil power; the powers and privileges of the Senate and Consuls of Rome were to pass to them; the Roman clergy Avere to wear the Senatorial white sandals, and to ride on horses with white coverings.

The Emperor gave up to the Pope the Lateran Palace, all the provinces, places and cities of Rome and Italy, or the western regions. It is difficult to conceive a bolder or more glorious fiction, or one more successful; it held the credulity of the world throughout the Middle Ages, and to this day influences the mode of thought of many millions.

The greatest effect flowed from the territorial concession to the Papacy. The writer's words only applied to Rome and Italy, or the western regions. In course of time a more extensive claim was made and Anselm of Lucca substituted the word ' and ' for the more ambiguous ' or. A notion arose that Consftantine had specially conferred all islands on the Papacy, albeit there is no reference to islands in the document. Peter and the Roman Church. In all other gifts of newly discovered islands or conti- nents the Papacy was but disposing of territories which Constantine had implicitly bestowed upon itself.

Small 8vo, content for or y French morocco extra y gilt back, gilt clen- telle border on side, g. Desbinnons fabulae Aesopiae emendatae. VJith frontispiece by Baquoy. Paris, Barbou, Roi de Gamargue. Illustrations de Georges Roux. I of 35 copies on Japan paper. With the plates in 3 states. Paris, Testard, Le " Chiffre " en poche. Deux- ieme edition. With engraved portrait of the author after Fabre. II Gongresso di Gitera.

With frontispiece after Risen, engraved by Le grand, an unsigned title after and by Cochin, an unsigned vignette zvith a charming portrait of Mme. Paris, Praidt, Plate XIII. An Ulustration from Buret, " Histoire admirable des plaxtes et herbes miraculeuses en nature. With Viimerous full-page woodcuts. Gotha, Frontispice grave, 4 planches de co'effures et habillemens frangais et anglais et 12 figures pour " Caroline de Lie cht field,'' gravees par Chodowiecki.

Gotha, Ettinger, Frontispice et litre graves par Endner, 4 planches de co'effures de Paris et de Berlin et 12 figures, sujets historiques, de Chodozviecki, gravees par Geyser. Frontispice grave, 12 planches de Chodowiecki gravees par Henne, sujets de fantaisie. Gotha, Ettinger, lygZ. Engrcroed frontispiece and 1 2 plates of Egyptian scenes and views of towns, Teplitz, Pisa, etc.

Petersburg Observatory and Academy, and Carlsbad. Leipsic, Gotha, Ettinger, 18 Got ha, Ettinger, Engraved portrait of Alexander I. A French translation of which appears in the volume. Gotha, Perthes, Discipline cTe Clergie. Traduction par la " Societe des Bibliophiles frangais. Les Poesies d'Anacr6on et de Sapho.

Le Fevre. Paris, Denys Thierry, et Claude Barbin, 1. Traduction nouvelle en Prose. Par M. C With frontispiece, 12 vignettes, and 13 culs-de-lampe , after Risen , engraved by Mas sard. Poeme de Musee. On y a joint la traduction de plus- ieurs Idylles de Theocrite. With a frontispiece after Risen by Duclos. A Sestos, Together in one volume, royal 8vo, on papier de Hollande. French contemporary marbled calf , three-line fillet border on sides, gilt orna- mental back, inside dentelles, g.

Paris, ijjyiJJA,. Complete Set. With numerous plates and facsimiles of the old, manuscripts. Paris, 1 1 83 5. Avec fig. Maillard Olivier. Histoire de la Passion de Jesus Christ. Composee en Ceremonies des Gages de Bataille, representees en onze figures. Avec deux fac-simile. Poesies Morales et Historiques d'Eustache Desohamps. Partonoplus de Blois. Avec trois fac-simile. Woodcut vignette on title. Rouen, chez Thomas Mallart. Circa i68o. Metamotphoseon Libri XI. Edited by Oudendorp. Printed on large and thick paper. Ley den, i; Parallele des Maisons de PariSf construites depuis jusqu'a nos jours.

A series of large engraved plates of plans, sections, elevations, details, etc. Imperial folio, half crimson morocco extra, t. Liege, L'Art Industriei. Recueil de Dispositions et de Decorations interieures, comprenant des Modeles pour toutes les industries d'ameublement et de luxe. A Collection of 84 fine large engravings. Large folio, half morocco, uncut, t. Pans Masson Louis. Les Yilles Assamies. With 15 plates and many illustrations in text.

Folio, full blue morocco gilt. Toulouse, Popp J. With 49 plates. Folio, half bound. Stuart J. Illustrated ivith fine engravings with copious descriptions. Paris, 1 88 1. Viollet-Le-DuG M. With numerous illustrations. Pans, Birmingham, Baskerville, His patron the Cardinal of Este, brother of the Duke of Ferrara, a coarse man, more fit for a soldier than an ecclesiastic, asked the poet upon the publication of the Orlando in , quite simply, ' Where he had been for all that rot.

The Garfagnana was a wild district overrun with poetical banditti, readers and admirers of their governor's epic. Here Ariosto gained much honour but little emolument. Another Copy. Contemporary calf, gilt. Large Paper Copy. Traduction Nou- velle, Par M.

Paris, 1 Coniflete Set of the large paper plates, proofs before letters, to the Paris editio7i of Comprising en granjed portrait after Titian, and g2 plates by Bartolozzi, N. Fonce, JSl. Cipriani, C. Cochin, Risen, Moreau le jeune, and others. Fine impressions of the plates. Large 4to, half yellow morocco, uncut, t.

With e? Milan, Lipmann Maurice. L'Art dans I'Arnuire et dans les Armes. With nmnerous engravings. Bordeaux, N. L'Enfer du Bibliophile. One of copies on Japan paper. With three states of the plates, one in colour, one in dry-point and one before all letters. Faris, Conquet, Banquet des Savans, traduit par Lefebure de Villebrune. Les Vies des Homilies lllustres cte la Franee, Depuis le commencement de la Monarchic jusqu'a present. Germain en Laye; Veue du Chateau de St. Cloud; Veue generale de la Ville et du Chateau de Ver- sailles; etc.

Oblong folio, original boards. Voyage en divers etats d' Europe et d'Asie, Entrepris pour decouvrir un nouveau chemin a la Chine. With engraved frontispiece and -plates. Svo, vellum. Invitation aux Hommes a poursuivre et completer la Comiuete des Eaux et des Airs, suivie de quelques autres pieces in verse. Svo, half calf, t. Histoire dtes Demelez du Pape Boniface Yl 1 1. Paris, 17 From the Bibliotheca Lamoniana. With ticket. Physiologle du Mariage ou Meditations de Phflo- sopfiie EcJectique, sur le bonheur et le malheur conjugal, publiees par un jeune Celibataire.

Paris, 1S With 6 woodcuts. The only copy known. Dix Compositions par G. Cain, gravees a I'eau- forte par Gaujean et Gery-Bichard. Large thick 8vo, half levant vioroccOy uncut, i. Paris y Quaniin, Illustrations de Julien Le Blant, engraved on wood by Leveille. Royal 8vo, original wrap fers, uncut. Paris, 18 DieUonnaire des ouvrages anonymes. Troisieme edition revue et augmentee. Together with Brunet's supplement. Premiere edition complete con- forme au manuscrit autographe de I'auteur. De C overly. Carcassonne, Poullain, Precedee d'un Abrege historique de la Vie des Auteurs qui la composent.

Cette suite a ete executee, sous la direction du sieur Fr. Basan, Graveur, par les jeunes Artistes des deux sexes, dont les talens se font connoitre et accrois- sent de jour en jour. The plates are all proofs before letters. Large thick 4to, old red morocco, g. Paris, Basan et Poignant, From the Libraries of Napoleon and Lord Clive. Richard Heber, June 6, August, Alphonse de. Histoire du Br6sil, depuis sa decouverte en jusqu'en 18 With large folding map and two fine French engraved plates.

Paris, 5. Les Amours d'Ismene et D'Ismenias. With copperplate engravings of the members of the French Royal Family, a folding plan of the enclosure of the Temple at the end of October, , and numerous facsimiles of autographs, including the last wilt and testament of Louis XVI. Representee pour la premiere fois, par les Comediens Frangais ordinaires du Roi, le Mardi 27 Avril With 5 plates after Saint-Quentitiy engraved by C.

Au Palais-Royal, chez Ruaulty libraire, pres du theatre , The Royal Opposition to Le Mariage de Figaro, completed in , was not overcome until six years afterwards. By force of public opinion the watchmaker's son had triumphed over the King. The subject of the play is of a good tradition — a daring valet disputes the claim of the libertine lord to the possession of his betrothed.

Spanish colour and Italian intrigue are added to the old mirth of France. The Mariage de Figaro resumes the past; it depicts the present as a social satire, and a painting of manner; it conveys into art the experience, the temerity of Beaumar- chais's adventurous life as a man of the world.

It is at the same time, or, rather became through its public reception, a political pamphlet which announces the future; it ridicules the established order with a sprightly insolence; it pleads for social equality; it exposes the iniquity of aristocratic privilege, the venality of justice, the greed of courtiers, the chicanery of politicians.

Figaro represents the spirit of independent criticism, he maintains the cause of intelligence against the authority of rank and station. Beaumarchais left a model of prose comedy, from which in later years others of his art made profitable study.

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He restored mirth to the stage, he created a type which was the lighter genius of France, but amid the mirth of Figaro can be heard the detonation of approaching revolutionary conflict. Representee pour la premiere fois par les Comediens francais ordinaires du roi, le Mardi, 27 Avril, Royal 8vo, French contemporary calf , gilt back, g. Ouvrage curieux a I'usage de toutes sortes de tetes. With 45 quaint plates of men ivearing ivigs. Paris y With curious -plates. Illustrated with a large nu7nber of folding flates. Ley den, With Water-Colour Drawing by the Artist.

With frontispiece and flates -printed in colours. On the half title is an original water-colour drawing finely executed by Albert Lynch. One of 20 copies only, printed on Whatman paper. Folio, bound by Riviere in full green crushed morocco extra, with elaborate -mosaic in coloured leather in centre and outer angles in pink, red and Gloire de Dijon roses, with their stems and the luords ' ' Jacque- line Giselle " on front cover. Plain back cover. Back tooled in square panels with gilt and gauffred lines, green watered silk guards, inside joints, t. With 53 steel engravings after Charlet, A.

They seemed to ba the emibodied wisdom of a good sense, good temper, easy morals, love without its ardours, poverty without its pain, patriotism without its fatigue. La Route de L'Air. Aeronautique, Aviation; His- toire — Theorie — Pratique. With 32 plates and 82 diagrams. Royal 8vo, original wrappers, uncut. Large Svo, half levant morocco, uncut, t. Paris, Quantin, iSSg. Svo, pp. Paris, Didot ]eune, Cu77iier's beautiful Edition with the famous woodcut illustrations, and the series of full-page plates; these latter proofs on India Paper.

Further adorned with many additional plates and original ivrappers and. RoyaJ 8vo, half morocco extra, gilt lines on sides, fully gilt back, t. Paris, Curnier, This copy contains the famous " Portrait de la Bonne Femnie " Madame Curmer , page , which is only to be found in a few copies, and 2 portraits of the Doctor : 1, engraved by Pigeot after Meissonier; 2, engraved by H.

Cook after F. First Issue of this magnificent book which has justly been termed the finest illustrated French Book of the 19th Century. Curmer wrote in his own copy the following : — " Grace a toi, mon cher livre, j'ai etudie la typographic et j'ai ete assez heureux pour lui faire quelques progres, quand on pouvait la croire aux dernieres limites de la perfectiqn; j'ai conduit la fabrication du papier dans une voie nouvelle; j'ai fait une revolution dans la manipulation de Fencre typographique; la gravure sur bois n'avait pas ose ce qu'elle a fait pour ce livre. Mais aussi quel dessins!

The children grow up side by side in radiant innocence and purest companionship; then passion makes its invasion of their hearts. The didatic commonplaces and the faded sentimentalities of the idyll may veil, but cannot hide, the genuine power of those pages which tell of the modest ardours of first love. An element of melodrama mingles with the tragic close. Throughout we do more than see the landscape of the tropics; we feel the life of external nature throbbing in sympathy with human emotion.

Something was gained by Bernardin from the Daphnis and Chloe of Longus in the motives and the details of his story, but it is essentially his own. It had a resounding success, and among its most ardent admirers was Napoleon. Amsterdam, 1 Des avantages que la physique, et les arts qui en dependent, peuvent retirer des globes aerostatiques.

Montpellier, 17, Mes Premiers Ballons. Etrennes a I'Enfance. Dedies aux Enfans de M. TEmpereur et Roi. With 2 finely engraved coloured frontispieces. Po6sies de Sapho, suivies de differentes poesies dans le meme genre. With charming frontispiece portrait in medallion after Marillier engraved by Delaunay before all letters.

Paris, Cazin , Le Japon Artistique. Documents d'Art et d'Industrie. Complete in 3 vols. With a remarkable large folding plate. Mantz, A. Michiels, T. Silvestre, A. Wauters, M W. Burger, and others, comprising : — Ecole FranpaJse. Ecole Hollandaise. Ecole Flamande. Ecole Anglaise. Ecole EspagnoJe. Ecole Florentine. Ecole Allemande. Ecole Venetienne. Ecole Bolonaise. Illustrated luith many hundreds of reproductions of Old Masters.

Nancy, With a large folding plate containing two inafs. Lille, Suivi de Notes et documents, et d'un apergu general sur I'etat actuel du Texas. Illustrated with a large number of plates and engravings in the text. Hi S Plate xviii. Paris, Jean Janot, II Decainerone. Londra Paris y This is Boccaccio's beet defence agrainsit the charge of licentiousness; he reproduced tJie ordimary talk ot hours of relaxation giving it the attraction of a pure and classic style.

Traduction de Francisque Reynard. With the fine illustrations by Jacques WagreZy comprising 1 1 en- graved frontispieces y 20 engraved plates y and vignettes and culs- de-lampe. The plates engraved by M. Imperial 8vo, in the 10 original portfolios of texty and 2 portfolios of plates. Paris y Launettey Thick i2mo, vellum. Amsterdam y La Chanson des Saxons. Printed on thick paper. Traduit du Grec de Longin. Et les Reflexions critiques sur ce Rheteur : oil Ton repond aux objections faites contre quelques Anciens.

Nouvelle Edition, reveue et augmentee de diverses Pieces nouvelles. With several engraved plates. Amsterdam, Antoine Schelte, It is verse of the dlafesical scbool, firm and clear, but it. For Paris itseflif its various aspects, iitsl life, its types, its manners, he luad the eye and the precise a-endering of a realist in airt; his faithful objective touch is like that of ti Dutch painter.

When he deals Avith liteTaiture all his pene- tration and power become apparent. IQ5 Oeuvres. Avec des eclaircissemens historiques donnez par lui-meme. Nouvelle edition revue, corrigee et augmentee de diverses Remarques par Brossette. Enrichie de figures gravees par Bernard Picart. Junst after Kneller. Amsterdam, chez Frangois Changuion, Avec des eclaircissemens historiques. De Saint-Marc. Nouvelle edition.

With portrait, facsimiles and plates. Set of plates, comprising magnificent engraved frontispiece, con- taining portrait, etc. Magnificent impressions on Large Paper. Folio, ne-m Jtalf levant morocco, gilt, uncut, t. The scene is in the Sainte Chappelle and Palais de Justice. Frangois Martin. Fables, Par M. Seconde edition. With two fleurons on the title-pages, nine illustrations and two culs- de-lampe by Monnet, one illustration and one cul-de-lampe engraved by Saint- Aubin, and eight illustrations and one fleuron ejzgnwed by E.

Schmitz', the first fleurofi and the second cul-de-lampe are 7iot signed. Nouvelle Edition, augmentee, avec figures. Illustrated with 2 fleurons on the titles, 9 plates, and 2 culs-de-lampe, by Monnet, engraved by St. II vols. Special Copy Printed on Japan vellum paper. Tant en Prose qu'en Vers, avec des Reflexions. With an engraved frontispiece to each volume. Amsterdam and Leipzig, Arkstee et Merkus, Elementary and secondary education in the Roman Empire, Florilegium 1: The schooling of slaves in first—century Rome, Transactions of the American Philological Association Exposition and Oblatio: The abandonment of children and the ancient and medieval family, The American Historical Review 89 1 : Kindness of strangers.

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The Child in the Bible.

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Mother-murder in myth and legend, Psychoanalytic Quarterly Cenerini eds , Donna e lavoro nella documentazione epigrafica, Faenza, Histoire de la famille, I-II, Paris. Review of Greek Virginity by G. Sissa, Journal of the History of Sexuality 2: In: Cornelia B.

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